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Why It Matters
ISOC SL seeks to make Sierra Leone a better place. Since its creation, it has given us a unique platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity. The Internet improved the quality of life for people in all parts of the world – and can continue to do so.

Access for All
There’s a lot of talk today about network neutrality and open access. In a technical sense, it means an Internet that has no idea what’s being transported on it – no matter if it’s a giant database of files or a small video of your family vacation you might want to post on YouTube. Simply put, it’s a neutral architecture that’s open to every conceivable type of application that could be developed around the world. But for a lot of us, net neutrality is about our rights as Internet and web users so we can innovate with the only restrictions being the technical protocols. It also means you can log on to a reliable and affordable web connection so you can do things like:

Express your ideas how YOU want.
Write your blog, post a video on YouTube, call your family on Skype.
Stay connected to your culture, friends and family
Finish your homework at home (and turn it in on time)
Tell your own stories, no matter who you are, how much you earn, where you live, or what you believe in.

Shaping the Future of the Internet
ISOC SL helps to make sure the beliefs at the core of the Internet’s success remain with people that use it.

Policies will shape if it stays that way or if control shifts away from the user and more towards Network owners. We envision a future in which people around the world can use the Internet to improve their quality of life.

Standards, technologies, business practices, and government policies can sustain an open and universally accessible platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity.

Our vision of an Internet that is truly for everyone gives us our strength, motivation, and energy.