The Internet Society (ISOC) was founded in 1992. The vision of ISOC is “The Internet is for everyone”. ISOC is open to everyone who is interested in the advancement the Internet & committed to shaping the Internet’s future for the next generation. The Internet Soceity Sierra Leone Chapter, (ISOC SL) was founded in 2007. In line with the vision of ISOC, ISOC SL was formed to promote the use of the internet and its related technologies for the benefit of people in Sierra Leone.ISOC SL was founded in 2007.

Since inception ISOC SL has been working with many stakeholders in Sierra Leone to advance and promote the use of the Internet and related technologies. ISOC SL invites all who use the internet to join ISOC & ISOC SL in continuing it's mission of advocay and continuious engagement in order for the internet to be accessible, affordable and open for all. Some of ISOC SL’s major accomplishments include:

  • Formulation of the first National ICT Policy
  • Capacity Building of Parliamentary Committee on ICT
  • Establishment of the SL Internet Exchange Point (SLIX)

Our Mission

The Internet Society supports and promotes the development of the Internet as a global technical infrastructure, a resource to enrich people’s lives, and a force for good in society. Our work aligns with our goals for the Internet to be open, globally-connected, secure, and trustworthy.

Our Vision

The Internet is For Everyone. Join us to keep the Internet open, thriving and benefitting people around the globe.

2018/2019, ISOC SL Executive

Sallia Fawundu

Sallia Fawundu Jr. is a Software Engineer. Fawundu Jr. worked for Softtribe Ghana as a technical writer. He was instrumental in setting up Ecobank in Sierra Leone and went on to serve as Head of Technology of Ecobank Sierra Leone. Fawundu Jr. has also worked professionally in several industries namely sports management, health consultancy, apparel, broadcasting & media, education. Though born in Sierra Leone, having lived and studied in many parts of West & Southern Africa & Continental Europe as a child of a diplomat, Sallia speaks English & French fluently. Fawundu Jr. read Computer Science & Psychology at The University of Ghana, Legon. He also studied Electrical Engineering at Geneva College, Pennsylvania. Sallia has programming since 2003 with Softtribe. He was very instrumental thereafter, in setting up Ecobank Sierra Leone in 2005 where he went on to head the Information Technology department. He left the bank in 2007 and has widely consulted in various IT projects. He has been exclusively concentrated on Vehicular GPS systems since 2011.

Councillor Natasha Beckley

Edward Williams

Shella Reffell

Our Partners

Ministry of Information
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